1950, Allgemein, Jazz

Frank Sinatra – In the wee small hours (1955)

I have to say that I love the cover of this album on first sight. I am also very excited to listen to this album because I never listened to Jazz before.

The album was recorded in 1955 and was one of the first concept albums. Sinatra sings about the divorce from his wife earlier.

The atmosphere of the album is melancholic and the weather outside right now also – its raining and windy and lightning strikes. Just like the weather and the album had a deal to start simultaneous.

The vocals of Sinatra are dominant on the whole album the rhythms are easy and the instruments are in the background.  I don´t like that, it bores me and I am questioning myself the whole time when the album will end finally.
The best parts of the album are when the instruments could play a bit without the voice of Sinatra, like the Stringsolo in „In the wee small hours in the morning“ or the beginning of each song, especially in the songs from „When your lover has gone“ to „Last night when we were young“


All in all this album is deadly boring. The atmosphere doesn´t touch me anywhere and I also don´t care for the lyrics because I live in an healthy relationship.

If you´re not a fan of male vocalists and albums that are laid-out on the vocals I wouldn´t recommend you to listen to it. It´s just a waste of time. When you´re a fan of male vocalists you will allready know this album.


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