1950, Rock n roll

Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard (1957)

So this is the first album I also own on CD as a Re-Release. It´s one of the first rock `n´roll albums to ever be released and also the first album to be released on speciality records.


The opener Tutti Frutti is the most popular song of Little Richard. The „Woopdabidodapdapdubab“ maybe the first form of Tom Warriors (Hellhammer/Celtic Frost) simple and efficient UH!

The album is the most aggressive you´ll get out of the technology of the 50´s. It´s just simply sheer aggression


Richards Vocals are dominant without pressuring the instruments to much into the background. The full potential of his Voice can be heared on the tracks „Tutti Frutti“, „Long Tail Sally“, „She´s got it“, where the instruments have a break except the drums supporting him with some hard and single hits to create such an energetic atmosphere.  With a voice like this he also could be a punk singer if he would be born 20 years later.

But also the other instruments have their genious parts. Listen to the aggressive piano triplets at the beginning of „True, fine mama“ or the piano part in „She´s got it“ or the aggressive sax parts in „Jenny Jenny“


Even the ballads are strong on this album. Richards dirty voice simple give you the idea that he have some dirty thoughts while singing.


This album is just pure badass and was the best pickup music in the 50´s. Call it Über, call it killer, there aren´t enough words to describe how awesome it is.

There can´t be any reason to not listen to it.


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