1950, Allgemein, Jazz

Miles Davis – Birth of the cool (1957)

Recorded in 1949/50 it  last 7-8 years that this takes would be officially published.

The name fits to the album well, because it was the birth of the Cool Jazz and is pretty cool itself.


The instrumental arrangement goes from Davis with his dominant trumpet to an altsax, a baritonsax, sackbut, piano, contrabass, french horn, tuba and drums, creating very lovely sound impressions.


The albums starts very happy and entertaining which lasts until Moon Dreams which is slower and the worst track on the album. I got also after some time the feeling that the album it´s a bit monotonous but only until Godchild with it´s godlike start. The atmosphere than created holds consequently till the end.

The album is the perfect conversion of the beauty of anarchy (it means without rulers, not without rules) in music, which is highlighted in Boplicity.

Very amusing and entertaining. Must listen to.


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