1950, Allgemein, Jazz

Count Basie – The atomic Mr. Basie (1958)

Let´s jump to the year 1958. Jazz bandleader Count Basie release the album „The atomic Mr. Basie“. This is one of his most famous albums and of course his most critically acclaimed because it managed to suprise everyone.

It got some very powerful fast and furious tracks like the opner „The kid from the red bank“ with many switches of the leading instrument. Piano parts gets interrupted by aggressive trumpets and goes back to piano. This concept is been forced to the top at the end of the song. Another song of this categorie is „Flight of the foo“.

It has some slow songs that can convience with some nice playing and stamina like „Duet“.

It has songs that progress over time like „Double-O“ which starts with a simple rhythm but starts to kick some ass later or „Teddy the toad“, „Midnight blue“ or „Splanky“

But it also have it boring songs like „After supper“. Its very slow, sagging and just I would call it carried through time, because really nothing happened at all, except a simple rhythm pattern. Or like the last track.

It is a nice little album with two weak songs but that does not harm that multifarious album to much.


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