1950, Allgemein, Jazz

Sabu – Palo Conga (1957)

Sabu is not only the name by an american wrestler (playing an arabian) but also by a conga player and bandleader in the 50s. Like the Kenya album by Machito I reviewed before it´s a latin jazz album.

Remember being on vaccation in a latin american and seeing people on the street playing congas, singing and dancing? (I didn´t but that´s whats the media televise) Well, here is an album about just that.

My problem with that album is that is mostly conga dominated. You here some of the other instruments on most of the other songs too, but there are lost in the mix most of the time. You have to strain yourself to listen to them.

The second song of the album, „Billumba-Palo Conga“, have an spanish speaking voice allways shouting things just like watermelon sellers on the beach, what is pretty anoying.

On „Rhapsodia de la Maravilloso“ the congas are more low and better integrated in the music overall playing song benefical. This song´s creating a great beach atmosphere especially when the guitar appears in the background.

While I like the conga as an instrument, I think that is not enough playing just monotonous rhythms for more than 30 minutes. While „Rhapsodia de la Maravilloso“shows the potential the album could have when it would be better mixed the most other songs are just pretty boring or in the case of “ Billumba-Palo Conga“ annoying. Another waste of time. I think it would be smarter just to make holiday in a caribbean country.


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