1950, Allgemein, Rock n roll

Fats Domino – This is fats domino! (1956)

„This is fats domino!“ released in 1956 is a compilation of singles and their B-sides.

This rock n roll album is more one the roll side of the rock n roll, since it´s more bluesy and less rocking. It contains Piano, Saxophon, Guitar and Drums.

Fats vocals are okay, not more. Whats cool on this album are some of the piano parts like on „La-La“ and the saxophon lead parts like on „Troubles my own“. The best track is „You done wrong“, „Fat mans Hop“ is also pretty cool and the closer „Trust in me“. But listening to it, it doesn´t really get to move me.

So after all I would say that this album is just mediocre. I think a Chuck Berry/Bill Haley/Eddie Cochran album would be better inclusion to an „albums you must hear before you die!“ list.


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