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Louis Prima – The Wildest! (1956)

„The Wildest!“ is an album released in 1956 by singer and trumpet player Louis Prima with the Witnesses, Keely Smith and Sam Butera as a saxophonist.

It´s a swing album, starting of with the famous „Just a gigolo/ain´t got nobody“.

Louis got a dirty smoker voice what just fits perfect to the music.

„The wildest!“ is a good title for it, because the most of the time the music on the album purely bursts out. Louis dirty smoker voice just fits perfect to that, especially on „Oh Marie“, „Jump jive an´ wail“ or the progressing song „Bueno sera“. An exception of that outbursting styl is „Night train“ but it´s still a pretty cool song because of the piano parts on it.

The mandatory weak tracks on the album are „The lip“ (which is nearly complete sung by a women) and the instrumental „Body and soul“.

Let me get things clear, you shouldn´t listen to this album just because of the famous opener, the other tracks are pretty strong too, but the opener would be a sole reason to listen to this even if the other tracks wouldn´t hold it´s quality.


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