1950, Allgemein, Jazz

Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time out (1959)

Recorded in the Columbia’s 30th Street Studio Time out“ fuses the elements of cool jazz with west coast jazz. It´s mostly known for using jazz unusual time patterns like 9/8 and 5/4 and for being the first jazz album ever to recieve a platinum status.

On the album are 7 tracks in total, 3 on the A side (in the range from 5,24 – 7,22 minutes) and 4 on the B side (in the range from 4,16 – 5,24 minutes)


Wow. This album creates a high contrast to begin as it opens with the energetic „Blue rondo a la turk“, which also got a funny video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9GgmGLPbWU) and follow this up with the very calm „Strange meadow lake“. „Take five“ then is a very multifaceted song, „Three to get ready“ is pretty piano heavy.  

One sentence to describe this album: It´s so fucking strong


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