Joan Baez – self titled debut 1960

Joan Baez self titled debut contains 13 interpretation of classical folk songs (such as „House of the rising sun“). It was recorded in July in the Manhattan Towers Hotel Ballroom and released in November via Vanguard. The album get gold status (even there wasn´t a single put out the album) and reached the billboard charts in 2 years after the release pushed by the sucess of the follow up.

Let´s start with what I like: The first few seconds of „Donna Donna“ and of „Henry Martin“ and „El Preso Número Nueve“ because it´s the only song that differs from the rest.

Now let´s come to the things I didn´t like: The album is monotonous and vocal-based. Joan only plays guitar to serve her singing. You know that I don´t like that. Also all the songs are not original, so I didn´t think that this album deserve to be on this list.


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