1950, Allgemein, Country

Marty Robbins – Gunfighter Ballads and trail songs (1959)

A country album released 1959 by Columbia. Instruments on are Guitar, Bass and Drums.

I would suppose some more action from an album with an name like that (especially with song like „Billy the kid“). The music is sagging, just caring from song to song. All the songs sounds very similiar, there is no dynamic on this album. This is mostly true for the A-Side.

The B-Side has some top songs:

„El paso“ is a pretty famous song from this album, it´s a bit more agile than the other songs, but that doesn´t change anything of the albums quality.

„The Master´s call“ is much more action charge than all of the songs on the A-Side together.

„Running gun“ shows Robbins need for speed (he was a NASCAR driver).

But hey yeah, you know, an album need to be good overall and not just have some good songs on one side, so this is not recommded.

1950, Allgemein, Country

Ramblin´ Jack Elliot – Jack takes the floor (1958)

Jack takes the floor is an obscure country/folk album released in 1958

The album sprays happines, because of his atmosphere and because you realize the fun Jack Elliot have. Just a man and his guitar (ok, some women help him in some songs 😉 ) But the whole album is constructed to make you feel alive, well and young while listening to it, provides you with some extra energy.

So this album is a pretty cool representant of the country genre, worth a listen!

1950, Country

The Louvin Brothers – Tragic songs of life (1956)

So this album will introduce me to country, since country is a new country for me (like the internet for german chancellor Angela Merkel).

It was released in 1956 on Capitol and contains 12 songs.

What else can I say about that album?
It´s monotonous, repetitive and boring as hell.

Only the opener „Kentucky“ is okay and „Let her go, god bless her“ is good.

The only tragic thing is that this CUNTry albumwas released, because I will never get the time back I wasted while listening to it.