Allgemein, Jazz

Jimmy Smith – Back at the chicken shack (1960)

„Back at the chicken shack“ by Jimmy Smith was recorded in 1960 and released in 1963 by Blue Note.


On the original version are 4 tracks with length in the range from 8 to 12 minutes. 

Pros of the album are the walking bass that appears in some of the tracks and the hammond organ which use in Jazz is revolutionized by Smith. 


Cons are the long simplicity of the most rhythms, the length of the tracks and that the organ is often dominated into the background by the trumpet. Also the  most trumpet lead parts are not very imaginative and lack easyness. 


I think overall this album is pretty weak. I was happy when it was finished. 

1950, Allgemein, Jazz

Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time out (1959)

Recorded in the Columbia’s 30th Street Studio Time out“ fuses the elements of cool jazz with west coast jazz. It´s mostly known for using jazz unusual time patterns like 9/8 and 5/4 and for being the first jazz album ever to recieve a platinum status.

On the album are 7 tracks in total, 3 on the A side (in the range from 5,24 – 7,22 minutes) and 4 on the B side (in the range from 4,16 – 5,24 minutes)


Wow. This album creates a high contrast to begin as it opens with the energetic „Blue rondo a la turk“, which also got a funny video ( and follow this up with the very calm „Strange meadow lake“. „Take five“ then is a very multifaceted song, „Three to get ready“ is pretty piano heavy.  

One sentence to describe this album: It´s so fucking strong

1950, Allgemein, Jazz

Ray Charles – The genius of ray charles (1959)

„The genius of Ray Charles“ released in 1959, is the sixth studio album by self-claimed genius Ray Charles. 


It marks a renunciation from the Soul sound Charles coined, going more to big band jazz and swing. 

On the first, the big band side, instruments contained are: Piano, trumpet (6x), trombone (4x), alto sax (2x), tenor sax (5x) and flute.

The first side is pretty intensive. You have songs like the opener „Let the good times roll“ which a pretty rocking, but you also have some slower, emotional but also intense tracks like „It had to be you“ or „When your lover is gone“. 


The second, the swing sidecontains: Piano, guitar, bass, drums, valve trombone, woodwinds and string section

The second side miss the intensity of the first side and concentrate more on emotions. I think this side is much weaker than the first


Because of my understanding of an album as a whole piece where all songs fit together, on both sides of the album I have to say, sorry Ray, this wasn´t a genius achievement. 

1950, Allgemein, Jazz

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue (1959)

„Kind of blue“ was recorded and released in 1959 by Columbia records. With 4 times platinum (4,000,000 sold copies) it´s the best selling jazz album ever. According to critics, it´s also the best jazz album. It´s one of the first modal jazz albums. 


Miles Davis plays on this album with a sextet. Instruments containing are: Trumpet, piano, sax, drums and bass. 

Compared to „Birth of the cool“ with it´s jouvenil spirit and it´s controlled chaos, „Kind of blue“ is much more mature, calm and grounded. The songs are slower and the instruments have more time express themselves and evolve during their lead parts. 


After a hard day of working this album might be the perfect recreation.

1950, Allgemein, Jazz

Ella Fitzgerald – Ella Fitzgerald Sings the George and Ira Gershwin Songbook (1958)

So this will be the third vocal jazz album in a row and not only that, it also is a 5 album set containig over 3 hours of songs, poor me.

Fuck I get the feeling that I´m beeing punished in an never ending repetition for something I must have done wrong. Man, I´m beeing tortured!

Hearing the two albums before and now this 5 discs make a total listening of nearly 5 hours of vocal jazz, this seems like a neverending nightmare!

I guess hell must be just like that, bond you on a chair and make you listen to vocal jazz eternaly.

What can I say to the music, trying to touch it ubiased? Ella have the weakest voice of the three ladies I listen to right now.

Avoid this! You can invest three hours better than this, do extra hours at work or loose money at a poker game.

1950, Allgemein, Jazz

Sarah Vaughan – Sarah Vaughan at Mister Kelly´s (1958)

Well this one´s not just an vocal jazz album, what would be enough reason to not like it, it´s also a live album what is even worse.

This album not only got the boring performance of a vocalist served by her slave instruments and a cheering drunken crowd or some other standard things you could have when you play live, it also show you how unprofessional Sarah was. Not only she´s forgotten the lyrics of „How High the Moon “ no, there was only an episode in „Willow Weep for Me „were shes stop singing while the instruments still playing and the song wasn´t finished.

Avoid this unprofessional piece of epic boredom.

1950, Allgemein, Jazz

Billy Holiday – Lady in Satin (1958)

„Lady in Satin“ is the last album released during the lifetime of Billy Holiday. strong voice female vocals

It cointains violin, cello, harp, flute, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, bass, and drums.

I must say she have a nice voice being representative for that time it just the „In the wee small hours“ album with a female vocalist instead of Sinatra (the music differs but the concept is the same). The whole album is just based on the vocals of Holiday, the instruments just serving her.

Because it would be logically inconsistent to critizice an album with the same frame conditions different I also say about this album that is boring as hell. Don´t listen to it, it makes you just waste your time.