Elvis Presley – Elvis is back (1960)

This is the first studio album of Elvis after he served his two years as a soldier. It´s also his first album to be released in stereo. It reached the top of the UK charts and was recorded in sessions from the 2oth March to the 4th April and released via RCA Victor. 


It contain much classic rock `n´roll numbers, nothing special or pretty, just some nice rnr, like „Girl next door went a walking“. It contain also some poppy ballads like „Soldier Boy“ or „Thrill of your love“. Sure that I didn´t like them and find them pretty boring. 

„Fever“ is a cover from a pretty famous song original by Little Willi John.

All in all this album is pretty decent but nothing more. The rock`n´roll tracks are okay but no really standouts, the ballads are dispensable. Only „Reconsider Baby“ can be seen as a innovative song. some kind of proto-psychedelic rock.