1970s, Allgemein, Proto Punk

Proto-Punk at it´s finest: The Stooges – Fun House (1970)

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Fun House was released in 1970 via Elektra Records by The Stooges.


This is a proto punk album. The guitars are heavy distorted, the riffs are pretty straight, raw and heavy. A special trademark used throughout the album ist the extensive use of expillers.



– „Yes! Wuhuhu!“ in „Down on the streets“

– „Uh!“ And spoken „Look out!“ At the start of „loose“

– „Uh! Huh!“ in the title track

– The whole song „L.A. Blues“ which makes me think of an early version of Hellhammers „Triump of death“


Songs that fall out of the Proto Punk/Garage rock sheme are „Dirt“ which is a stoner song reminding me on Hendrix and the title track „Fun House“.


Easy that I have to say that this album rules supreme.